Barbership Aftershave Tonic by Wet Shaving Products (WSP)


About Barbershop Aftershave Tonic

WSP nailed the classic barbershop scent. This fragrance is clean, smooth, and refreshing. If you ever spent time in a barbershop as a kid, this fragrance will probably stir up some memories.

This small-batch, handmade artisan aftershave splash is one of the highest regarded aftershaves among wet shaving enthusiasts. Wet Shaving Products (a.k.a “WSP”) may have gotten their start making wet shaving brushes, but it was their aftershaves and fragrances that drew everyone’s attention and earned them their place as one of the top artisan shaving vendors today.

This splash is cooling, invigorating, with just the right amount of burn. Unlike drying aftershaves made mostly of alcohol and fragrance, WSP’s leaves behind moisturizing emollients to leave your face feeling refreshed & moisturized.

This tonic is unique because it contains allantoin (derived from comfrey root). Allantoin has several skin beneficial properties:

  1. It is skin protective. It helps to increase the water content of the extracellular matrix which provides structural support to cells and is an important part of connective tissue.
  2. It is calming and hydrating.  The increased water content in the skin reduces irritation and redness
  3. It is keratolytic. The epidermis synthesizes proteins (of which keratin is one) and lipids in the stratum corneum (skin’s top layer). If this process becomes unbalanced (keratinization), more keratin than normal is produced and the skin’s barrier function is altered. Allantoin interacts with keratin to thin an abnormally thickened stratum corneum leaving skin feeling, soft, smooth and healthy.

This aftershave also pulls double duty as a cologne; leaving you smelling great all day! The Eau De Cologne (EdC) strength (3-5% concentration of perfume essence) of this formula will last between 4-8 hours.

This aftershave splash formula contains all natural ingredients: No parabens; No silicons; No mineral oils; No artificial colors. The glycerin is from soybeans or other vegetable origin.

We recommend that you apply this aftershave to your entire face as part of your skincare routine because it acts as a skin toner.

Barbershop Aftershave Tonic product details:

  • Made in: Chandler, AZ, USA
  • Container: Amber glass bottle
  • Size: 100 ml
  • Scent profile: Powdery musk, some bergamot, orange zest, oakmoss, patchouli, and hint of geranium
  • Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, glycerin, fragrance, allantoin
  • Guarantee: The Barbershop Aftershave is backed by Guido’s Grooming Co.’s “Perfect Shave” Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

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