3P Pre-Shave & Post-Shave


About 3P Pre & Post Shave treatment

This is another “old school” product that’s become a modern among traditional barbershops. When a product has been around this long, you can bet that it works, it does what it says it does, and it’s a great value. 3P is no exception to that rule.

This versatile product can be used as both a pre-shave conditioner and a post-shave healer. It is mentholated, so it has a cooling effect and the menthol smell you’d expect.

Used pre shave, it will help condition your skin and hair. It will gently cleanse your hair, removing oil and grease, so that its conditioning oils, and the oils of your shaving soap, can penetrate the hair, softening it so that the blade of your razor cuts through it much easier. This will allow you to get a closer shave with far less irritation and greatly reduce the chances that you will knick or cut yourself during the shaving process.

Used post shave, it will help heal and soothe your skin. Its penetrating and nourishing oils coat the skin while its menthol and botanicals relax and invigorate the skin with a cooling effect that eliminates “hot” skin, soreness, and general post shave discomfort.

3P shave cream product details:

  • Made in: Italy
  • Size: 100 ml
  • Container: Yellow plastic tub with a red screw top

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