Testina Gentile Safety Razor by Fatip


“Testina Gentile” translates to “gentle head” in English. This closed-comb razor is less aggressive than open comb models but still manages to produce an efficient shave. The higher than normal “flex” it creates on the razor blade itself creates a steeper blade angle. The “closed comb” design paired with the angle of the blade itself, helps it shave closely, yet gently, and with an ultra-smooth glide.

This handle has deep, vertical, “column-style” knurling. This is a short handle razor at 3.14″. Handle length is largely a matter of preference. Shorter handles are more traditional. Almost all vintage razors had a shorter handle that today’s cartridge razors, like the Gillette Fusion.

This is a 3-piece razor meaning that there is a head, plate, and handle. The razor sits between the head and plate and both screw into the handle, securing the razor blade to the handle.

  • Made in: Premana, Italy
  • Material: Chrome-plated brass
  • Color: Chrome
  • Weight: 2.4 oz (68 grams)
  • Length: 3.14″ (80 mm)
  • Compatibility: The Testina Gentile is compatible with all razor blades offered on this site.
  • Guarantee: The Testina Gentile is backed by the Shaving & Saving “Perfect Shave” Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

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