“Artisan Shaving Product of the Month” club

$19.99 / month

Each month, we’ll send you hand-selected, artisan shaving product from a boutique manufacturer. We spend days each month sourcing and testing the “best of the best” and we only send you a soap if it’s exceptional.

As far as scent profiles, you’ll never know what to expect, we keep it interesting, and that’s part of the fun. But, you can be sure it’s going to be a high-quality shaving soap you’ll enjoy using.

The soaps we send will have a retail value of $20 or more making this subscription an excellent deal in addition to being a lot of fun. You’ll look forward to receiving the package each month — we guarantee it.

Inside the package, we’ll also include a write up on the company, the inspiration for the scent, usage suggestions, and other fun stuff. Heck, we might even throw in an extra gift every now and then… you never know!


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