28mm Plisson Shaving Brush with Mahogany Rav Handle by Paragon Shaving

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About the 28mm Plisson Shaving Brush

When a company does only one thing, they tend do that one thing really, really well. That’s one of the advantages of specialization. Paragon Shaving does one thing — shaving brushes — and it’s their only product. As you’d expect, they make exceptional shaving brushes. Paragon’s handcrafted brushes are a true labor of love and passion.

About the 25mm Plisson knot

Ask any experienced, traditional wet shaver and they will know these fibers. They’ve been all the rage since they were introduced in 2015. And, for good reason, as synthetic fibers go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any with this combination of positive qualities that Plisson has. They’re soft and durable while still providing plenty of backbone.

This particular Plisson brush sets itself apart by offering a densely packed, 28mm diameter knot. This is the “Chubby” version of these synthetic knots. Its performance is unique and we are proud to offer this version.

About the Rav handle

In their search for the perfect shaving brush handle, Paragon tried many local and regional types and fell in love with Mahogany from the Central America region. The trees used in these handles come from the area stretching from Honduras, El Salvador and all the way up to some places in Guatemala and Mexico.

They are not only strong woods, but they carry inherent properties that behave favorably in an environment where they will be exposed to water and dry out repeatedly (which can be hard on my woods). The grain of the wood is exquisite and creates a beautiful and durable heirloom-quality shaving brush you’ll treasure for many years.

This brush features the Rav shape (see picture) which provides a single, deep contoured scoop and raised end cap for an ergonomic grip.

28mm Plisson Shaving Brush product details:

  • Made in: British Columbia, Canada
  • Knot material: Plisson type synthetic fiber
  • Knot color: Tan with brown tips
  • Knot size: 28mm
  • Handle material: Central American Mahogony
  • Guarantee: This product is backed by the Soboro Grooming Co’s “Perfect Shave” Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

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